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Saturday, April 25, 2015


As a Disneyland annual pass-holder, over the years I've gone from having to constantly bring my own vegan food, to having almost an abundance of vegan food options in both Disneyland and California Adventure Park. After noticing a few options here and there, I became slightly obsessed with knowing exactly where I can go at any given time for a delicious bite. I've asked many employees, read quite a few ingredients booklets, and talked with some of the chefs at both parks. Vegan and vegetarian friends began asking me for suggestions and sending others my way, so I decided to create an Instagram account so I could geotag veg options in the park with photos and share the info with others, so far, it's working out very well! 
This blog will be a simple guide to vegan, vegetarian, and some gluten free options in the Disney parks, as well as other vegan (and vegan friendly) eateries in Southern California, food products, and cruelty free products. I will however utilize Instagram more frequently, so feel free to follow me at @DisneylandVegan on Instagram, as well as Facebook. Cheers! 

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