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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Veg Out In The Park is only a few days away!

There are tons of unofficial annual themed days people celebrate in Disneyland, so we thought, why not a day for vegans and vegetarians?! Come join us for a day of fun, rides, food (yes, there are lots of vegan and vegetarian options in both parks!), and giveaways from our sponsors! Invite your friends!! The more the merrier!

* I know many of us are passionate about animal rights, but please use common sense. No "offensive" shirts, patches etc. keep in mind, this is a private family park, and they are fairly strict with offensive language and images. Let's keep this fun for everyone!!

Hosted by Disneyland Vegan 

** Giveaways sponsored by: **
Sweet Earth Natural Enjoy Life Foods
This Little Witchy
Bijou Vixens
District Vegan 
Critter Queen Rachel Vann-Foster
Immortal Bars
Bare Bones Body
Homemade Betty
Plant Food For People
Fauna Gift Shop

Meet-up times are as follows:
3:00 pm in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle (Disneyland)
5:00 pm in front of the Haunted Mansion (Disneyland)
7:15 pm in front of Carthay Theater
(California Adventure)

*We will have giveaways at each meet-up location. Everyone will have the same chance of winning a prize from one of our sponsors. 
Invite your friends with our Facebook event page

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