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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vegan Berry & Chocolate ice cream bars in California Adventure!

Yummy vegan friendly sweets in California Adventure! Mixed berry bar dipped in dark chocolate, with dark chocolate chips! (The sprinkles and confetti were dairy free, but unclear if vegan). The chef was nice enough to double check ingredients, and even made it in the back separate from all the other ice cream to avoid cross contamination. Whoo! Got this at Clarabelles Ice Cream Shop, not far from the entrance. It. Was. DELICIOUS! $6ish for a bite of choco heaven. I get so giddy whenever I get to try new veg options in Disneyland and California Adventure Park 💕🏰🌱 Now I won't have to always rely on a Dole Whip (and those horrendous lines) to get something cold and refreshing on hot days!


  1. Hey, these reviews about Vegan Berry & Chocolate ice cream bars are just great. I love ice creams and I have visited all the Chicago venues that are popular for their quality ice creams. The French ice cream parlor in downtown is my favorite!!

  2. This is so exciting, thank you for posting this! I was on main street last night waiting for the parade and was kind of jealous of everyone's ice cream, haha. Definitely going to go to Clarabelle's next time!

  3. are these the enjoy life dairy free chocolate chips?